Sexual Orientation in the Rhizome

Dear World,

Traditionally, we are told that humans can only have one sexual orientation. What rubbish! THE RHIZOME TO THE RESCUE!

If you have a label and it’s corresponding definition in your head, then you can connect some of your experiences to that label. That’s all you need for the label to describe part of your life, and by extension your sense of self.

I do not believe it’s accurate to believe any one of those labels takes precedence over the others. We all are gay, straight, and bisexual.

So which specific root is the homosexual orientation? What if it changes? OOHH SNAP!!
Humans interact with one another based on the attractions they feel. Having a sexuality that is a rhizome is part of the “we are social creatures” package. Yes, we are attracted to our friends and family…sexually. But that doesn’t mean we’re having sex with them…in any way whatsoever.

Sex, romance, and sexuality ARE NOT THE SAME THING DAMN IT! They are most definitely interrelated, but there are parts of our sexualities that not about sex or romance.

I want to love my father. I may never know why (he is a terrible terrible person), but I want to love him still. That is a part of my sexuality. I want to give myself to those I love, even if they’d rather not have me.

Our friends and family are part of our sexuality because they contribute to it in some way; they inform us of how we experience attraction in the first place. Thus, we all are straight, gay, and bisexual; we all have people in our lives who are male, female, and otherwise.

Whether or not you would have sex or fall in love with any those individuals is a separate concern altogether. However, if a person cannot become a part of your sexuality, they cannot become a part of your sex and/or romantic life either. At least, not in the long term.

But that may or may not be a different discussion.
So stop thinking of your platonic relationships as if they aren’t sexual, as if they’re simply there for your entertainment. If they are important to you, I bet you anything they’ve contributed to your sexuality somehow.

I bet their perspectives have become a part of how you understand your relations with others. Stay fluid my friends,

A Frolicker of Fluidity

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