The Rhizome

Dear World,
The rhizome builds on the dialectic. The dialectic, at it’s most basic, is the resolution of contradictory things and constant change. The rhizome, as far as I understand, takes this to it’s logical conclusion.

Gender & sexuality are hardly ever static, even within the traditional binaries. As a person garners experiences, how they conceive their sense of self adapts to those experiences.

For example, once I started wearing dresses and skirts, my gender & sexuality both began to feel more powerful and flamboyant. The experience of filling my wardrobe with clothes meant for both traditional genders made it easier for me to interact with the world.

The rhizome is like a body of water. There is no beginning nor end. One can enter and exit from any point. There is no organization within it’s structure. Everything is connected and nothing takes precedence.
Think of this as a snapshot of a person’s gender/sexuality rhizome in any one instance.

There is no way to measure what level of impact any one experience has over how I conceive my gender & sexuality. My daily wardrobe is just as important as my first experience being penetrated is just as important as my bisexual crushes in middle school.

There is no organization within it’s structure. The connections that develop are arbitrary. After enough gay threesomes, I yearned for something new and different. I might have found a cute girl to flirt with as a result. Once flirting with girls wasn’t as new and different anymore, I stopped aligning those two things in my head.

The body of water gradually expands as I garner more experiences. There is no beginning nor end. These experiences flow over one another at random. Patterns align and then break. There are tides, hurricanes, ice bergs, and currents.

No depiction of gender & sexuality makes more sense to me than the depiction of it as a rhizome.

This is how the people from our past continue to be in our lives, regardless of context. Relationships do not begin and they do not end. They enter our rhizomes and traverse them like a molecule of water, leading to an ever increasing number of interactions.

The ultimate outcome is based entirely on your own personal perspective. Stay fluid my friends.

A Frolicker of Fluidity

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