Questioning Sexuality

Dear World,

What purpose is there in recognizing & labeling every form of sexual attraction that’s possible? I believe the purpose is to separate sexuality from the human experience. Fear is, at the very least, one of the primary driving factors.

If people were not afraid of human sexuality, there would be no need to distinguish between different forms of sexual attraction. There would be no real need to categorize people into these different forms we’ve identified so incessantly.

Humans are attracted to one another; we are a sexual and social species. Claiming to fully understand human sexuality is utterly absurd. My attraction to one male-bodied person may not be the same reason I’m attracted to another male-bodied person. The fact they both have penises and scrota may very well be immaterial to the sexual attraction they inspire in me.

Insisting sexual attraction can only occur through sex identity is nonsensical. It robs individuals of their agency. Exploring human sexuality means questioning what it is that attracts us to each other in the first place. It may not only be the physical act of sex, or the parts of the human body that’s used for said acts.

The sexual attraction any one person feels for another human being could be entirely platonic. I think this conversation would be far more fruitful were we to consider what it means to be sexual with another human being to begin with.

I would say this constitutes sexual contact. Would you?
What constitutes sexual contact? How and why does it differ from physical contact? What implications does this have for human sexuality? These questions, I believe, can be answered without even mentioning the sexual binary.

Sexuality goes beyond sex; our interpersonal relationships govern our attractions, our wants & needs. As such, we all habitually engage in hetero & homo sexual contact. Creating sexual contact that is also physical, regardless of sex identity, simply cultivates what is already present.

In essence, exclusive sexual behavior is not inherent to our species, nor any species. Incest aside, everyone has the capacity to love and fuck humans of all genders. The sexual binary as a totality does not actually exist, just like borders between countries do not actually exist.

Sexuality is relative, not absolute. There is a method to where the borders are drawn. The sexual binary represents how we currently draw those borders. If this set up does not satisfy our wants & needs nor inform us of our attractions, then perhaps it is time to redraw those borders.
A Frolicker of Fluidity

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