Sexuality & Class Society

Dear World,
Believe it or not, but our social structure has a heavy influence on our conception of sexuality [and gender]. Class society frames much of our perceptions.

Key to the establishment of class society is the invention of private property. After all, how can different classes exist if everyone owns nothing? Private property necessitates the inventions of marriage and inheritance.

It is through these institutions that sexuality and gender are used as tools to help maintain class society.

Marriage creates a family line. Wealth can thus be accrued within this family. When the heads of this family pass on, their offspring can “inherit” their wealth. In short, marriage is an economic institution.

This system allows certain families to accrue more wealth than others. Over thousands of years, this creates today’s ruling class (otherwise known as the top 1%…more like the top .01%).
The epicenter to marriage & inheritance is relation by blood. Thus, heterosexual relations are intrinsically emphasized over homosexual ones. Only heterosexual relations can create family lines (until recently that is).

The emphasis of men over women is also intrinsic to the system. Early agriculture was labor intensive (i.e. 15-20 hour days). Child rearing was central not only to inheritance, but also to increasing the labor pool. Child rearing kept women inside just as much as the fields kept men outside.

Class society created a vertical hierarchy to sexuality & gender. Reproductive sex serves as a tool to dictate who will own the private property in the future. Men control this dictation through marriage & inheritance.

Identifying individuals as “gay” or “straight” must have been immaterial before class society. To what end does such a distinction serve, if not to emphasize reproductive sex over all other forms?

Before class society, I imagine sexuality and gender were not defined primarily by economic interests. How would these humans have emphasized within their intimate relationships? How long would they have lasted, and for what purpose? Did the concept of a “nuclear family” exist, or did human sexuality and gender take some other form?

A Frolicker of Sexual Fluidity

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