Dear World,

Love is an emotional process, yet compatibility is a logical one. I took a free version of the Myer-Briggs personality test. My result; INTP

Introverted; I have a high tolerance for internal stimuli & a low tolerance for external stimuli

iNtuituve; I gather information by making connections between abstract concepts and thoughts

Thinking; I come to conclusions using logical lines of thought, like a detective

Perceiving; I support my introverted personality with my perceiving function (my intuition)

Several months ago, I thought that if my partner was introverted as well, we could open a solid channel of communication by simply spending time alone. But my latest experience with love has shown me this may not be true. I now believe the perceiving (intuitive versus sensing) & judging (thinking versus feeling) functions are more important.

I believe the person I had feelings for is an ISFP. His perceiving & judging functions are both opposite of my own. If true, that means that we had nothing in common in terms of how we gathered information and how we came to conclusions. Of course we had a difficult time keeping a solid channel of communication open. We couldn’t perceive or judge anything together without hitting a brick wall.

Through what channel will these two pieces fit together well?

Communication is crucial to any romantic or sexual relationship. To see if I am compatible with a person on an intimate level, I want to experiment using this 4-type system from Myer-Briggs. Who knows, maybe it’s not the best approach. At least I have an approach. I suspect it will be easier to develop channels of communication with others if I enter the relationship already having developed a starting point for myself.

I cannot stop myself from feeling sad I cannot use in the loving relationship I have already lost. But I will carry him with me, knowing the result if I cannot make a relationship work. At least in the future, I will know what it is I will be facing.

I advise to you all to approach your relationships both rationally & irrationally. I now believe both approaches are critical to a successful relationship. Next, I want to investigate exactly how they contribute!

A Frolicker of Sexual Fluidity

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