Satisfactory Orgasms?

Dear World,
American society seems obsessed with how people have sex and for what reasons. It’s easy to see how this could cause conflicted feelings on the subject. I think conflicted feelings can seriously inhibit a person’s ability to orgasm satisfactorily.
Why else would there be such a focus on anonymous sex? Are we unable to enjoy masturbatory orgasms as much as penetrative orgasms? What if our inability to enjoy a masturbatory orgasm represents our conflicted feelings? After all, an orgasm is a reward; it strongly relates to our humanity.
Capitalism has put an incredible amount of stress on all of us. Rather than living our lives in the present, we are forced to obsess over the past & future. We deserve the right to enjoy our bodies right now. This is how I view masturbation. Rather than a shameful act, I see it as a spiritual event. A moment in time when my mind and body crashes together! Isn’t that how we define spirit in the first place?
Orgasms represent the human being’s ability to lower it’s inhibitions (i.e. the “reasoning” part of the brain shuts down). Personally, my orgasms remind me of a time in my life when things were simple and sweet. It almost feels like a reset button for my brain. HAKUNA MATATA MY FRIENDS!
The best part about masturbation is how one achieves orgasm. I want to know how many ways there are to do it. The possibilities are endless, right? 
There’s only one way to find out. My masturbatory habits are all my own. It gives me the chance to explore my sexuality as an autonomous individual. I can make a conscious choice of which pleasures to ignore and which to explore. Each new decision adds nuance to my unique orientation.
Perhaps if people were able to masturbate more spiritually, self-love would begin to proliferate. I dare you to try masturbating in more creative ways. You might be surprised!
A Frolicker of Sexual Fluidity

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