Orgasms for Pleasure

Dear World,
Kinsey,. the first modern scientist to study human sexuality, described the orgasm as “an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension!” Beyond this basic definition, orgasms are not understood very well. This is partially due to the difficulty of funding research focused specifically on orgasms (imagine the titles of those studies). 

The first thing I will say is that the male orgasm and ejaculation are two distinct events (just like with females). Although they often overlap, this is not necessary whatsoever. Even men can orgasm without ejaculating. What this means is that exploring the male orgasm can translate into attempting to separate it from ejaculation. Trust me, it’s a fun activity to engage with. I believe it’s called “edging”. 

Anyway, this drives my curiosity about orgasms in the first place. What defines an orgasm? When & where does it start? What is the relationship between the orgasm and the brain? What purpose does an orgasm serve? Could it extend into overall human health?

If an orgasm were only about getting sperm to the egg in the female reproductive tract, why does it so often have such strong physical AND psychological sensations? Is it possible that orgasms actually served some kind of purpose beyond reproduction in our evolutionary past?

To fully understand something about our species, it helps to understand where and when that something started. For example, to understand human’s vocal communication abilities, it helps to understand when humans started communicating with one another vocally.

The problem is many of our human traits first evolved in our evolutionary past. How does one know when humans began to communicate vocally? Where and why did it start? How did it interact with our social evolution overall? Since these traits began so long ago, there simply isn’t enough observable evidence to answer these questions satisfactorily. In other words, WE DO NOT KNOW!


This is why I think we know so little about the human orgasm. When did we first evolve the ability to orgasm? When did we start to orgasm for pleasure rather than just procreative purposes? Did this happen before or after we began developing more complex social structures? Did the evolution of the orgasm interact with the evolution of human society? 

It would make sense to me. Humans have evolved as social creatures. We evolved certain traits to serve social functions. Stereotyping, for example, allows humans to live in larger societies without sacrificing as much continuity. Our arrogance allows us to make quicker decisions under pressure despite any knowledge gaps.

I believe the interaction between our physical traits and social environment is more extensive than most realize. There is a logical explanation as to why we evolved into what we are. Orgasms for pleasure certainly creates an emotional investment for most of us over time whether we like it or not. What if there is meaning behind this fact? Did orgasms evolve with our more complex human emotions? 

Who are we? Perhaps it is possible the answer to this question involves orgasms for pleasure. Why should we fear something that could be so fundamentally human? Our ability to orgasm for pleasure is clearly just as psychological as it is physical. I believe there could be deep meaning behind that fact. 
As such, I believe exploring sexuality is akin to exploring our humanity. I think it’s as good a place to start as any other.


 A Frolicker of Sexual Fluidity

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