Meaning of Attraction

Dear World

What does it mean to be attracted to someone? What does it mean for one person to be attracted toward another? I mean, isn’t that where our species as we know it today really came from? Didn’t we originally accentuate our cultural form of adaptation in order to answer that one question? Personally, I find it difficult at times to stop considering it.

Let me explain. Human sexuality is an area which most people dread, whether they admit it or not. The subject is quite personal for many of us. When I do engage with people sexually, rarely is that interaction verbal.

I am not here to complain. I am here to talk about what I’ve discovered given my position. I have never dated anyone and I have never had a romantic partner. Instead, I have dealt with obstacle after obstacle when simply trying to “join the conversation”. I spend a great deal of time observing these “sexual conversations”. Until I truly find my match, I am quite content with this position.

Those who do interact with me in these sexual conversations quickly realize they have exposed an intimate part of themselves to me. First of all, they are typically alone in their endeavor. Second, I typically am not if I reciprocate. Third, these type of interactions carry more meaning for me than they do for my “partner”. Often this leads me to having both intimate & awkward relationships with those around me.

Most of my opportunities I have are to observe the sexual interactions that occur around me, as I am typically not allowed to partake verbally. My theory as to why is my lack of an identity within the traditional binary; my sexuality is too much of an unknown for most. My passion for the subject along with my perceived lack of verbal access was part of the inspiration for this blog.


Most of human communication is nonverbal. As most of my sexual interactions are nonverbal, my influence typically is more mysterious. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about people simply by watching them. Those with the strongest personalities tend to “take over” conversations while those with weaker ones like to “blend into the crowd”. It can be surprisingly obvious when observed without sound.

From this point, it becomes easier to read which movements are meaningful and which are not. The reference point are those who are “leading” the conversation. I find it most fun to work out the subtle attractions underneath the more powerful ones. In my experience, the subtle attractions have just as much influence as the powerful ones.

Most of the attractions I have felt in these conversations have been of the subtle variety. Despite the fear and frustration of these individuals, they continued to use their sexuality as a reference point for our interactions. The presence of such an attraction in a conversation can completely change the social dynamic. It gives all sexual interplay an entirely new frame.

There is one point in particular I am trying to make. Throughout my life, I have learned more about myself and grown most as a person when analyzing the strongest of the attractions I have felt, regardless of their validity of lack thereof. Often, there is a significant reason as to where our strongest attractions come from. Some attractions contribute more meaning to our lives when approached gradually. We can revel in our own passion while also maintaining an independent identity. Such a combination can more powerful than it first appears.

A Frolicker of Sexual Fluidity

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