Welcome to my Journey!

Dear World,Hi, my name is Aaron and I want to write a book about sexuality and fluidity. I dream of transforming how modern society defines sexuality. I want to revolutionize how we approach the development of our intimate relationships.
I’ve identified as pansexual for a couple of years now, but it feels constrictive. Pansexuality describes a sexuality, but the focus is wrong. Learning the important factors of my sexuality was meaningless without discovering how they related to others. Its more meaningful to begin relationships with our similarities as the focal point instead of our differences. The labels we use today have the impact of starting with differences. Despite a difference in labels, there can be common ground. As such, an intimate relationship could still be possible.I think of a relationship in terms of its wants and needs because that’s how we frame our interactions. I have my own list of wants and needs as well as you. When we meet, we piece together where those lists coincide. This creates a third list, a “common ground”. A common ground can be found by looking beyond the labels discussed above. I believe we’re blind to the forest behind a tree. It could be the love of your life behind that tree. If we are going to limit our options, we better ensure those limitations are legitimate.

Can I expect myself to trigger such drastic change? How can I create a new perspective on sexuality? Can I honestly set a goal of triggering a sexual revolution? A wise man once told me the end destination is simply a distraction. I am here to focus on my journey.

As such, I am beginning by writing my ideas on digital paper. By pulling my thoughts together, I can discover whether they are revolutionary or ordinary. So I invite you to join my journey through sexual fluidity. Whatever destination it may bring you to, I hope you find the inner fluidity of your sexuality!

A Frolicker of Sexual Fluidity

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